Make your calendar memorable!

Personalised Products

‘In the picture’ personalisation offers you the opportunity to put an individual name within the photographic images of a calendar. Personalised Images A high quality, ‘name in the picture’ personalised calendar makes a unique, imaginative and memorable promotional gift. By digitally modifying photographic images, a person’s name, company name or advertising message can be added within each calendar image for year round interest

Effective individual targeting

Individual targeting leads to high interest and response rates while building customer relationships

Great images

Create your own calendar. For a selection of stunning images view our gallery and choose from interesting calendar themes or mix ‘n’ match for an individual ‘look’

Use your own images

Send us your month by month images and we’ll check that there is a suitable area within each photograph for personalisation. High resolution images are required. This bespoke design service is offered by our Design Studio who will assess the suitability of your images for modification and provide a quote for Studio design time.


Highlight specific dates within in the calendar

Happy Birthday

Highlight Birthdays or other important dates throughout the year

Why start in January

Your calendar can start in any month