Bespoke Service

Even the shortest runs can be accommodated with our bespoke service, for value for money prices. 

 Brunel have invested in HP Indigo and Kodak NexPress digital presses that allow short runs – which means that you don’t need to turn down that order on the basis of minimum quantities anymore. 

Bespoke products add value to the customer’s advertising. It could be as simple as changing the images on a Brunel stock calendar (Templated Bespoke) or changing the entire layout (Full Bespoke). 

Once the customer has decided the basics of the calendar, we need to know layout details. If the customer is using an existing Brunel layout, we need to know the style and where changes are made. If the customer wants to design their own layout, we need to have a mock-up showing positions of images and text.

All images must be to the correct size and be a minimum of 300dpi. If the images are supplied less than 300dpi, we cannot guarantee the quality of the final image. 

All images should be marked up and matched with the correct copy and supplied on a CD.